The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund provides monetary compensation to responders and their families for the physical health conditions they suffered in connection with the 9/11 recovery efforts. Eligible survivors who lived, worked, or went to school in the NYC Exposure Zone in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks may also be entitled to VCF compensation.  

Not only does the VCF recognize that those with 9/11-related health conditions may have suffered economic loss — responders and survivors can also submit VCF claims for non-economic loss for the pain and suffering they experienced as a result of their 9/11-related physical health conditions.  

VCF Claims for Economic Loss  

Due to the carcinogens and chemicals in the air at Ground Zero and the surrounding area, many 9/11 responders and survivors developed cancers and chronic illnesses that affected their ability to work. The VCF issues awards for economic loss to responders and survivors who were present in the NYC Exposure Zone in the immediate aftermath of September 11, 2001 for their financial burdens. Responders and survivors can submit VCF claims for economic loss related to: 

VCF claims for economic loss can be made even if a responder or survivor had received compensation from another source, such as Workers’ Compensation or the Social Security Administration — collateral offsets are considered when the VCF determines a claim for economic loss. 

Non-Economic Loss Claims 

Non-economic loss is meant to compensate a victim for the physical and emotional pain and suffering they endured as a result of their 9/11-related cancer, illness, disease, or injury. The amount of non-economic loss awarded by the VCF is based upon the severity of the condition. 

Generally, non-economic loss up to the amount of $250,000 is awarded for 9/11-related cancer conditions. Non-cancer conditions are usually capped at $90,000. In limited circumstances, the Special Master may make an exception and issue an award beyond the cap if multiple cancer conditions exist, or if there is a presumptively severe condition diagnosed along with a cancer.   

VCF Deceased Claims

VCF types of claims for deceased victims can include two parts — personal injury and wrongful death. The spouse and dependents of an eligible responder or survivor may be entitled to recover for the lost earnings and benefits the victim suffered prior to their passing from an eligible 9/11 health condition. They may also be able to recover compensation for the pain and suffering that their loved one experienced as a result of their 9/11-related illness during their life.
If a responder or survivor died from causes related to their 9/11-related illness, their spouse and dependents may also be awarded economic loss for future lost earnings, burial and memorial costs, replacement services loss, and reimbursement for out-of-pocket medical expenses. In addition, non-economic loss may be awarded in the amount of $250,000 for the decedent and $100,000 each to the spouse and the victim’s dependents.

Contact a VCF Claims Attorney to Help Ensure You Receive the Award You Deserve

If you’re an eligible 9/11 responder or survivor — or you lost a loved one to a 9/11-related illness — you may be entitled to compensation from the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. The Dearie Law Firm, P.C. has represented members of the 9/11 community for over a decade for all VCF types of claims, having obtained more than $150 million in compensation. Contact us for a consultation.

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